Chapter 615: Speculation and Cooperation

Chapter 615: Speculation and Cooperation

“This continent is like a mirror, and within the mirror is a battlefield,” murmured Meng Hao. “The objects on the battlefield can emerge into the outside. However… those same objects still remain on the battlefield inside the mirror….

“This… this….” Meng Hao’s mind was filled with intense rumbling. He was starting to feel that he knew what was happening, but the explanation caused him to begin to pant, and his face to flicker.

“Strange, it's so similar to the copper mirror and its duplication powers!” That was what caused him to be so agitated.

He was the only person who could make such a connection. No one else had his copper mirror, nor did they know of the mirror’s Heaven-defying qualities. Therefore, it would naturally be impossible for anyone to reach the same conclusion.

After all, everyone’s thinking is limited by the scope of what they know. Thinking outside of one’s own scope is something extremely difficult.

Meng Hao’s breathing grew heavier the more he thought about it. The situation just seemed to become more and more bizarre. His eyes flickered, and he suddenly leaped up into the air. He did not proceed along in the same direction he had been traveling, but rather, went straight up into the air.

As he rose up, his heart began to pound faster, and he grew more nervous. He had possessed...

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