Chapter 609: Three-eyed Concubine

“The restrictive spell… is actually opening on its own!!”

“Could it be that Meng Hao was right about the spirit in the underworld?”

“If that’s what’s really happening, then wouldn’t it mean that we could use the personal relationships we forged in the Second Plane to open other restrictive spells!?”

Everyone was shocked and almost couldn’t believe what was happening.

This matter exceeded their imaginations, and in fact, their comprehension. The whole matter didn’t seem complicated, and yet, if you analyzed it deeply, there was clearly some incredibly complex cycle of Karma at work.

After all, the Second Plane… was illusory!

And yet, things that had occurred in the Second Plane, and people met there, had apparently created a resonance with reality. It was bizarre to the extreme!

Even as everyone stood there in their fear and shock, Meng Hao looked back at the rift in the restrictive spell. After a moment of thought, a look of decisiveness appeared in his eyes. As everyone watched, panting, he strode forward toward the restrictive spell. His body almost flickered as he… entered inside of it.

The instant...

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