Chapter 602: Good Fortune!

Chapter 602: Good Fortune!

Meng Hao’s eyes flickered as Zhixiang dragged him into the waters and then sat down cross-legged. There was not much water, only enough to reach Zhixiang’s supple waist.

She pulled him to sit down cross-legged in the waters across from her. When his gaze fell onto her body, he cleared his throat.

“While I absorb the power of the Demon Immortal Cistern,” she said lightly, “you can also temper your body. As it happens, I have a special type of physique; during the process of transforming my body into a Demon Immortal Body, I will emit a unique fragrance.

“That fragrance can be considered something like a precious material when you fuse it into your fleshly body. Therefore… you can build up a lot of synergy with your best body tempering magics when you use them here.

“It would be much better for you to absorb the fragrance than simply let it go to waste.

“In addition, please do not disturb me during the process. As for the curses, according to the research of the Sect, once I begin the transformation process, they won’t affect me.

“If you finish before me, you can wait for me outside. I’m not sure how long the process will take, so I hope you can stand guard over me until I...

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