Chapter 594: Pain in the Whole Body

Chapter 594: Pain in the Whole Body

Meng Hao’s memories of her were somewhat vague. He had actually not interacted with her much at all. In fact, if he recalled matters correctly, they hadn’t even met each other.

There was only one thing connecting them, and that was the Song Clan’s search for a son-in-law. In the end, although they were clearly strangers, they were still connected together.

Most accurately speaking, this was… Meng Hao’s beloved from the Song Clan.

Because she was a daughter of the Song Clan, it was impossible for her to have a second beloved, not after the search for a son-in-law. Her reputation and the face of the Song Clan could not permit that.

After Meng Hao fled, the Song Clan did not speak of the matter to outsiders. However, to the young woman, the entire matter came as quite a blow.

She had always been a tender and delicate girl. Although she had outstanding latent talent, her heart was weak. That made it hard for her to be strong. She was like a flower in a greenhouse, who feared the rain of the outside world.

That was how Meng Hao remembered Song Jia. She was beautiful and had gentle eyes, with a tender weakness deep within her expression. [1. Song Jia appeared a few times throughout the story. The majority of her characterization occurred in chapters 186, 189, and 190]

Now, however, a hundred years had passed....

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