Chapter 578: Dad.

Chapter 578: Dad….

The young man with the black wings was named Yu Xinglong. He looked thoughtfully at the group of three for a moment, then turned to Meng Hao. “Jiusi, do you know them?”

The other surrounding silkpants naturally looked over at the strange scene, their eyes glittering. They were now no longer chatting.

Instantly, the entire temple hall grew silent. Within the silence, Ji Xiaoxiao and the other two felt an intense pressure, causing an unprecedented sense of deadly crisis to fill them.

“Cheater!” thought Ji Xiaoxiao. “He’s a cheater! Otherwise he could never become an Elite Apprentice!? How… how are other people supposed to acquire legacies here? How are other people supposed to survive!?!?” Her eyes were wide and sweat poured down her forehead. She looked like she was about to cry as she edged backward. However, the looks being given to her by the surrounding silkpants, who in her view were already dead, caused the sense of deadly crisis within her to climb to the pinnacle.

The male member of the Ji Clan was proud to the extreme, but at the moment… he couldn’t summon a scrap of pride. “This isn’t fair!” he thought. “How did he get his hands on such an identity...? How are the rest of us supposed to acquire any good fortune? Just from the look on his face you can tell...

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