Chapter 560: Ancient Demon Immortal Sect!

Chapter 560: Ancient Demon Immortal Sect!

Meng Hao felt a bit awkward.

However, the matter was completely out of his control. The woman had floated over and bumped into him, and there was nothing he could do about it. Most vile of all was that she was blocking his view.

Now, he couldn’t see even a bit of the world outside.

She smelled wonderful, and her body was supple and lithe. Meng Hao’s face slowly pressed down into softness, which almost completely buried him.

His eyes went wide as he realized that, just barely visible when he looked down, was an exquisite sight that he rarely had a chance to gaze upon. And yet, the only thing that existed in Meng Hao’s mind was fury.

What he wanted to look at was not this woman, but the world behind her. Being able to observe that world ahead of time was the entire source of his advantage. However as of this moment, his advantage… was being ruined.

“This is ridiculous!” Meng Hao grumbled to himself. Then, he took a deep breath of the wonderful fragrance surrounding his face.

“Extremely ridiculous!” He wanted to lift his head up, but was incapable of moving his body at all. All he could do was...

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