Chapter 553: Lord Fifth Lives for a Dream of Love!

Chapter 553: Lord Fifth Lives for a Dream of Love!

At the same time that the members of the Heavenly Pursuit Tribe met their grievous end within the field of black light, back in the main temple of the Heavenly Pursuit Tribe, Patriarch Huyan sat cross-legged, shielded off in a restricted area. When the last Tribe member died, his eyes opened.

A cold, emotionless glow could be seen therein.

Around him, souls formed from grief began to appear. These were discarnate souls; their main souls had already been destroyed. These were only bits of will left behind in the temple.

As the maltreated souls floated around Patriarch Huyan, they let out voiceless cries. Patriarch Huyan’s looked calmly at the maltreated souls. His voice was cool as he murmured, “Your deaths are not meaningless. In fact, they were very important to me.

“Don’t look at it as me not going to save you. Rather… you needed to die. The more miserable your deaths, the more emotionless I can be. The more grief you felt in dying… the stronger my Dao becomes!

“Qing’er’s death made it so that my Dao cannot be completed perfectly. The only thing I can do now is to find someone to replace Qing’er. You 80,000 members of the Heavenly Pursuit Tribe… are none other than that replacement.

“I watched...

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