Chapter 552: Why Haven’t You Come!?

Chapter 552: Why Haven’t You Come!?

“The Patriarch is on his way!”

“The Patriarch will come to save us!”

“Hold on just a bit longer!”

The death of the Heavenly Pursuit Tribe Greatfather filled the other Tribe members’ hearts with despair. The only thing that kept them from completely collapsing was the hope that Patriarch Huyan would come to save them.

They truly believed that Patriarch Huyan would come to save them!

Huyan Yunming was THEIR Patriarch!

The slaughter intensified yet again. The sound of killing rose up to the Heavens. Meng Hao was the peak power on the battlefield. Not a single Heavenly Pursuit Cultivator dared to get close to him. No totemic Sacred Ancient had the gall to attack him. Wherever he went, enemy Cultivators scattered immediately.

Finally, Meng Hao’s gaze came to fall upon Zhang Wenzu. In that instant, Zhang Wenzu began to tremble, and without pausing for a moment, he fled backward. His mind was reeling with shock, and yet, even as he began to flee, Meng Hao turned into a green smoke and then appeared directly next to him.

“I surrender to the Golden Crow Tribe!!” cried Zhang Wenzu, his face flickering. The pressure bearing down on him from Meng Hao was...

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