Chapter 548: Return to the Black Lands

Chapter 548: Return to the Black Lands

Naturally, the Li Clan Patriarch was the first to receive the honor of becoming one of Meng Hao’s Souls of Lightning. He had long since enjoyed quite a bit of freedom, and was quite comfortable in the Blood Immortal mask. As long as he wasn’t being struck by lightning, or tormented by the meat jelly, he was actually quite happy.

He had long since abandoned any expectations of Li Clan members coming to rescue him. He felt numb toward any such hopes. Recently, his greatest enjoyment came from tormenting Ji Nineteen.

Being able to take the pain he had suffered and inflict it exponentially on someone else made the Li Clan Patriarch more happy than he had ever been.

Of course, Ji Nineteen was fated to become Meng Hao’s second Soul of Lightning, although not voluntarily. In fact, it had taken quite a bit of pleading on the part of the Li Clan Patriarch to convince Meng Hao to bestow such an honor upon Ji Nineteen….

The third Soul of Lightning was of course Patriarch Huyan, who had just been pulled into the blood-colored mask, completely out of sorts and on the verge of dissipating completely.

As soon as he saw Patriarch Huyan, the Li Clan Patriarch grew extremely excited, and his body started to crackle with lightning.… Once the torment began, it naturally couldn’t be minimized in any way.

Meng Hao retracted his Divine Sense from his dantian region, having...

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