Chapter 541: Battle!

Chapter 541: Battle!

After hearing Patriarch Huyan’s words, Meng Hao’s expression was the same as ever. That was his personality. The more he wanted to kill someone, the less he spoke. From the words Patriarch Huyan had spoken just now, it was obvious that he was well aware of what had actually happened.

“What’s the point in more talk?” said Meng Hao coolly. “You want to fight? Let’s fight.” As he spoke, he lifted up his right hand and made a snatching motion. Instantly, the black Devil Spear appeared in his hand. He hurled it out, causing a boom to ring out as the spear shot forward at an incredible speed.

As it screamed through the air, roaring sounds could be heard coming from the spear as boundless black mist appeared. Within the mist were innumerable vicious faces. Their bloodthirsty smiles were filled with greed.

In some indistinct way, the mist actually seemed to be forming into an enormous head. It was the head… of the Devil Construct!

The Devil Spear had now completely unleashed the explosive power of Demon Weapon Lonelytomb’s Devil Construct. It shot through the air with a droning sound.

The spear had nothing to do with Meng Hao’s...

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