Chapter 533: Chase and Kill! (Teaser)

Chapter 533: Chase and Kill!

Meng Hao’s voice seemed to ring out from the Violet Sea itself. It roared like shocking thunder, causing the face of the black-robed youth to instantly fall. He turned and transformed into a streak of black that shot off into the distance.

“If I’d known he could detect me, I would have held off for longer,” said the black-robed youth through gritted teeth. “Dammit… I wasted an opportunity! Now he knows about me earlier than expected!” His face flickered as he pushed forward with all possible speed.

This was none other than the human-form Black Bat Cultivator!

Years ago, he had been astonished by the will of Meng Hao’s Demonic Transmigration and had fled. Later, after sensing that Meng Hao had returned, it cleverly did nothing to attract his attention.

It knew that relying only on its own power to wrest the true spirit sword away from Meng Hao would be difficult. Therefore, it had decided to make use of one person to get rid of another. The result was the death of Huyan Qing.

“Even though he detected me… my plan still worked. Patriarch Huyan will certainly sense his...

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