Chapter 532: The Death of Huyan Qing!

Chapter 532: The Death of Huyan Qing!

Next, however, the pursuing drops of blood caught up with their target. They stabbed through the Cultivator, then exploded along with the man’s body.

As for the other Cultivator, despite the incredible speed with which he moved, he could not move faster than the Devil Spear. It whistled through the air and then stabbed into him. Instantly, black mist enveloped him. Excited, ferocious faces pounced, and a bloodcurdling scream filled the air. When it finally faded away, only a skeleton remained.

All of this takes some time to describe, but actually, from the time the three men began to flee until the moment they were all dead only took the space of about ten breaths.

Meng Hao put the fishing rod away, and then turned to look at Huyan Qing.

When Meng Hao’s gaze fell onto him, Huyan Qing fell backward, trembling. He quickly bumped up against the back of the sedan chair.

“Early Nascent Soul Cultivation base,” said Meng Hao coolly. “What a pity.” This was actually the weakest early Nascent Soul Cultivation base that he had ever seen. “Alright, who’s your father?” he continued, his expression the same as ever. He had long since matured to the point where he did not act impulsively. Naturally, he could tell that for this man to have such intrepid guards meant that he had a background beyond the ordinary.

Furthermore, the thick, red threads attached to the heads of these people led to a lot of questions. Furthermore, earlier, the man had made a comment indicating that his father had praised the spell formation of that great circle Nascent Soul Cultivator. He had revealed the information inadvertently in the midst of bragging arrogantly. However, Meng Hao easily put the pieces of information together. How could he not understand the underlying meaning?

Huyan Qing stared in shock. Originally, he had planned to roar out the information about his father in an attempt to shock Meng Hao. Who could ever have imagined that Meng Hao would actually ask for the information of his own initiative?

“My….” Huyan Qing was perturbed and trembling. However, he still shouted out anyway: “My father is Huyan Yunming, Spirit Severing Patriarch of the Heavenly Pursuit Tribe, from the Heavenly Court Alliance in the Black Lands! If you dare to kill me, my father won’t let you go! It doesn’t matter where you’re from, or who you are, if you dare to hurt me, you’re dead beyond the shadow of a doubt!!” As he blathered on, the words came more smoothly. This was what he had originally planned to say to Meng Hao. The fact that Meng Hao had asked for the information of his own initiative had thrown his rhythm into a bit of chaos.

“I have no plans to kill you,” said Meng Hao with a chuckle. “You may leave.” Killing a few Nascent Soul Cultivators was a small matter, and as for this man, Meng Hao had no feud with him. It wouldn’t be worth it to kill him.

Besides, he was the heir of a Spirit Severing Patriarch. He would definitely be equipped with life-saving magical items. If Meng Hao really did try to kill him, it would not only be troublesome, but his own identity would also surely be detected. It was not as if Meng Hao had just entered the Cultivation world. He well knew that if Huyan Qing died, then Patriarch Huyan would track him down to kill him. Although he might be able to evade Patriarch Huyan, his identity could not be kept concealed.

When that happened, the whole Golden Crow Clan’s safety would be in danger, and Meng Hao could not allow that to happen.

That was the original reason why he had chosen to allow Sir Wu and the others to leave. Unfortunately, Huyan Qing didn’t know what was best for his own good and took advantage of his powerful bodyguards to attack Meng Hao. Meng Hao quickly slaughtered them, and now that Huyan Qing was left on his own, he would presumably be a bit more cool-headed.

Even he knew that some people were not to be provoked.

Meng Hao came to the conclusion that since he hadn’t killed the man, he wouldn’t harbor further resentment. Huyan Qing had obviously been completely shaken by the scene from earlier.

In addition, Meng Hao left a strand of Divine Sense on Huyan Qing. Once he returned to his father, Patriarch Huyan, the divine sense would be discovered and provide a complete explanation.

Only people of extraordinary intelligence can reach the point of becoming Spirit Severing Patriarchs. Meng Hao was confident that the man would accept the matter silently and not fly into a rage.

“You’re not going to kill me?” asked Huyan Qing, staring in shock. All of a sudden, he got the feeling that the reason this person wasn’t going to kill him had nothing to do with fear of his father, although he had no idea what the real reason was. Without hesitation, he clenched his teeth and shot away at top speed. As he did, he produced a jade slip which he quickly used to send a summons to other Heavenly Pursuit Tribe members in the area.

Meng Hao ignored Huyan Qing’s departure. He once again crossed his legs and began to meditate quietly. He had already decided to wait here quietly before meeting up with Zhixiang to go to the Primordial Demon Immortal Plane.

As he meditated and inspected his seven Nascent Souls, a daring idea suddenly began to form in his mind.

“Right now I have seven Nascent Souls, and a Divine Sense with a range of 29,999 meters. 30,000 meters is the range of Spirit Severing…. I wonder if the possibility exists to form an eighth Nascent Soul? What about nine…? If that happened, and I had a breakthrough in Divine Sense, I would be comparable to the Spirit Severing stage…. Could it be possible that doing so would aid in my understanding of Spirit Severing?” Having reached this point in his train of thought, Meng Hao began to pant a little. His eyes suddenly began to shine brightly. After a moment, though, he realized that such a possibility wasn’t very realistic.

“I really need to think about the matter more closely. After I give it a try, I’ll have a much better idea of how feasible it is. The One Color Soul Procurement Pill is quite interesting. Based on my understanding of the legends, it’s only supposed to be effective once. However, it clearly worked twice for me.” He had thought about this matter earlier, and had thought of a few possible explanations.

Actually, the foundation he had built up would most likely be a rare thing even in ancient times. He had reached the thirteenth level of Qi Condensation, had formed a perfect Foundation with ten Dao Pillars, reached the great circle of the Perfect Gold Core, and had successfully combined the five elements. Although you couldn’t say it was completely unprecedented, it wasn’t far off.

“Furthermore, the three great miraculous medicines are also rare. Even in ancient times, few people would have the chance to consume even one of them. As far as the One Color Soul Procurement Pill goes, consuming two wouldn’t really be very much different than consuming one. Only by consuming a large number would the cumulative effects be seen. Ancient Cultivators would have no way to be so wasteful, so would naturally assume that it would only be effective if consumed once. That would of course be their understanding. Thus, the rise of the legends.” Meng Hao continued to sit there, lost in thought.

Huyan Qing fled for several days without stopping. By now, he had received replies from several Heavenly Pursuit Tribe members, who were now speeding toward him. They should arrive within the amount of time it takes an incense stick to burn.

As of this point, Huyan Qing could finally breathe a sigh of relief. Now that he knew Meng Hao really was going to let him go, he thought back to Meng Hao’s fearsomeness, and laughed bitterly. The grave terror that he had experienced had enlightened him quite a bit. He felt a touch of resentment, but recalling the terror that was Meng Hao, he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Might as well forget about it,” he thought. “To tell the truth, it was me who provoked him. He might be willing to let me go, but if I keep acting the way I did before, eventually I will run into someone who WILL kill me. Even if my father gets revenge afterwards, that wouldn’t help me at all…. This whole experience is going to be a major turning point in the life of Huyan Qing! From now on, I won’t be like that ever again. I’m going to rise to prominence!”

His eyes filled with a stubborn glow as he made his decision. After he got back to the Tribe, he would immediately go into secluded meditation. He would change his arrogant personality, and would focus everything on increasing his Cultivation base. He would never allow himself to experience such terror again in the future.

However, even as Huyan Qing was murmuring to himself and making his decision, a cold laugh suddenly rang out from behind him.

His face flickered as he spun around. What he saw behind him was a black-robed youth. The instant Huyan Qing saw his face, and the killing intent in his eyes, he could only hoarsely stammer: “You… you said you were going to let me go!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the black-robe youth grabbed Huayan Qing’s neck and then crushed down viciously.

A cracking sound could be heard. Huyan Qing’s eyes went wide and filled with an unyielding regret, as well as confusion. He didn’t understand why he had been told he would be set free, only to be then tracked down and attacked like this.

He didn’t understand why the life-saving treasures his father had given him didn’t activate….

As his eyes grew dim, death neared and the lights began to fade. He suddenly realized that this person in front of him was different than the fearsome Cultivator from before.

He looked the same, but in truth, there were differences.

However, he could not give voice to any of those thoughts. A boom rang out as his body exploded into a haze of blood.

The black-robed youth smiled, and his eyes filled with a red glow. Just when he was about to make his way off, the Violet Sea beneath him suddenly surged with massive waves. He heard a distant roar of fury coming from within the seawater.

“Dammit, this far away and he can still sense things!? So, he was in the midst of Demonic Transmigration earlier!” The youth’s face fell, and his heart began to pound. His body suddenly disappeared. However, in that moment in which he disappeared, three day’s journey away, Meng Hao sat cross-legged on the surface of the sea, his fury burning. He suddenly shot into the air, the power of a roc exploding out within him. He flew forward at incredible speed. Sonic booms split the air as he shot toward the black-robed youth.

“You dare to try to frame me!?!?”


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