Chapter 529: Seeking Death Repeatedly

Chapter 529: Seeking Death Repeatedly

Despite their caution, their end judgement was that even if this person had a high Cultivation base, they were seven in number, one of whom was of the great circle of the Nascent Soul stage, two were of the late Nascent Soul stage, and four were of the mid stage. Such a force could be referred to as ultimately powerful.

If that weren’t the case, why else would Huyan Yunming send them to escort his only son in the outside world?

Even still, all of them felt as if something were off, although they couldn’t place the reason.

“Hey hey, so there’s someone out here meditating!” said Huyan Qing with a scornful laugh. He leaned up against the corpse of the woman as he looked out at Meng Hao. “Look up at me and tell me your name. Also, take out your bag of holding. Presumably, whatever precious treasure caused the Miracle Lightning will be on your person!”

He couldn’t see Meng Hao’s Cultivation base, but in his entire life, he never actually looked at anyone’s Cultivation base. That was because he didn’t need to. It wasn’t necessary. His father was a Spirit Severing Patriarch. That was enough in and of its...

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