Chapter 495: An Ancient Scripture Seals a Devil!

Chapter 495: An Ancient Scripture Seals a Devil!

The black-robed man’s dark, sinister words rang out, carrying a bizarre, devilish power that seemed capable of causing anyone who heard it to be shaken inwardly. All of the Cultivators in the area had blank looks on their faces. Their minds suddenly seemed to be filled with a whirlwind; their memories were thrown into chaos. It was as if they heard what the black-robed man said, but couldn’t remember it.

A feeling of contradiction filled them, as if fantasy and reality were being mixed. All the surrounding Cultivators’ faces paled.

Meng Hao’s eyes glittered as he sensed the fearsomeness of his opponent. He knew that this was a power that he could not fight against. He fell back. The power of his opponent’s words did not affect him too much, but his mind still shook. The reason for this was that the man’s voice was bolstered with Demonic Qi, and transformed into complex magical symbols that spread out in all directions.

“The way I’ve been using Demonic Qi is far too simplistic….” thought Meng Hao, panting. “I never thought it could be used that way!” His eyes glowing brightly, he shot backward, even as the black-robed man flew like lightning toward him.

Suddenly, the black-robed...

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