Chapter 477: Moon.

Chapter 477: Moon….

The instant Meng Hao appeared, everyone on the mountain saw him. Immediately, the Crow Soldier Greatfather began to tremble, and a look of excitement shone in his eyes.

The other powerful experts next to him were the same. To them, Meng Hao’s appearance finally gave them some bit of hope.

If these men acted in such a way, there is no need to even describe how the despair in the hearts of the other Tribe members was suddenly swept away by excitement.

“Sacred Ancient!”

“The exalted Sacred Ancient has returned!!”

“Exalted Sacred Ancient, we offer you respect upon your safe return!!”

The voices of more than a thousand people called out, seemingly unburdening themselves of the great pressure that had been weighing down on them. It turned into a huge roar like that which you might hear coming from a crowd of ten thousand. They were joined by Big Hairy and all the other neo-demons, who after seeing Meng Hao lifted their heads up to the sky and howled with excitement. The sound of it all shook Heaven and Earth.

Yi Chenzi’s face was instantly devoid of color. He stared blankly at Meng Hao, his mind buzzing. Then...

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