Chapter 476: How Could You Be Here!?

Chapter 476: How Could You Be Here!?

Outside of the Crow Divinity Tribes’ mountain, explosions filled the air. The Thorn Rampart spread around the mountain, forming a protective layer. Vines shot out to fight against Yi Chenzi.

Amidst the booms, the four black mist hands collapsed. Yi Chenzi’s eyes suddenly glittered, filling with ruthlessness.

“So, you have a protective treasure like this! You’re truly worthy of being a former great Tribe,” he said with a laugh. “Unfortunately, in this violet rain, your vines are like a lamp that’s running low on oil…. If I add it to the blood sacrifice, the results will be even better.” It was at this point that a black moon suddenly appeared behind him.

This moon radiated darkness, and was instantly surrounded by a seething mist. The sight of it made Yi Chenzi seem like some sort of devil. His aura roared up into the sky as he shot at high speed toward one of the vines. As the vine swept toward him, Yi Chenzi licked his lips and then pointed out with his finger.

Suddenly, a black moon magically appeared on his fingertip. When it touched the vine, a roaring sound filled Heaven and Earth. The vine trembled, and then exploded. Massive amounts of viscous...

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