Chapter 474: Therefore, You Picked the North (Teaser)

Chapter 474: Therefore, You Picked the North

“Senior Han Shan….” murmured Meng Hao. He had Han Shan’s sword, Han Shan’s flagon, and on his right arm was a totem tattoo made from Han Shan’s Frigid soil. These were all physical things. However, deep in Meng Hao’s heart existed the image of Han Shan and his wife.

That image was not desolate or lonely. There was no confusion, only… a husband and a wife, accompanying each other as they walked off into the distance.

“I, Meng Hao, solemnly swear a vow here in the Realm of the Bridge Ruins. If in this life the day arrives in which I can shake this Bridge of Immortal Treading, then I will without fail repay this kindness!” Within the bitterly cold wind, Meng Hao clasped hands, looked back toward the Bridge Slave specters, and bowed deeply.

To Meng Hao, his principles demanded that he repay kindness. Kindnesses shown could never be forgotten!

Meng Hao continued to meet people who showed kindness to him in life. If he forgot them, then he did not deserve to be a Cultivator. It was the same with enmities…. Enmities must be repaid many times over.

I will do everything in my power to repay my benefactors!

I will bring tenfold vengeance upon my enemies!

If people do not attack...

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