Chapter 473: Frost Soil Success!

Chapter 473: Frost Soil Success!

At the moment, the vortex on Meng Hao’s right arm was absorbing the power of the Frost soil in the area. This Frost soil, which seemed to be filled with the power to exterminate anything, caused the vortex to gradually begin to coagulate. A glowing white character for Earth was now starting to appear.

When the ancient character for earth became clearer, Meng Hao’s Cultivation base began to roar as a new power began to make Meng Hao suddenly… even stronger!

Every beat of his heart sent blood coursing through his veins. A boundary had been reached, and now his Cultivation base grew mower powerful; his Gold Core was even stronger than before.

“It’s still not enough…. The aura of this Frost soil is actually much more intense than that of the Celestial soil.” His eyes glittered with determination as he rotated his Cultivation base. He focused all his energy on absorbing more power from the Frost soil.

“I’ve really struck it lucky here to be able to absorb this Frost soil…. If I can use it to form my Earth-type totem tattoo, who knows how much more powerful it will be than a Celestial soil totem…?” His eyes filled with...

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