Chapter 464: Pinkie Finger!

Chapter 464: Pinkie Finger!

Soon, the eaves were gone. Next, Meng Hao’s gaze came to fall upon the steps leading up to the palace building. After that were the columns. Next, the wall coverings.

It didn’t take long for a previously extravagant palace building to be completely blank and clean. The main structure was there, but now, it looked completely different, to a very shocking degree.

Every single thing that could be taken off of the outside surface, was gone….

Were it not for the restrictive spells and seals protecting the inside of the palace building, Meng Hao would tear down the entire structure. Trying to contain his excitement, he looked over at the next palace building. Filled with excitement, he leaped toward that building and began to dismantle it.

As for the Immortals who built these palace buildings, before their consciousnesses merged into the bridge, they placed the restrictive spells and seals in place because they were well aware that people might be interested in the items within. However, they had never imagined that someone like Meng Hao would happen to make his way into this place. He wasn’t interested in...

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