Chapter 461: Encountering Zhao Youlan Again! (Teaser)

Chapter 461: Encountering Zhao Youlan Again!

Of all the worlds formed by Immortality Bridgestones in this area, this was the largest one listed on Meng Hao’s jade slip map. Meng Hao stood on his three hundred meter wide rock and glanced around the area.

The sky above seemed extremely stable; there were only a few cracks visible. Mountain ranges rose and fell, and ancient ruins could be seen all over.

As the rock shot through the air, Meng Hao looked down at the ground. Suddenly, his gaze flickered as he noticed that the mountains down below did not seem to have been formed naturally. They were connected together in what appeared to be a pattern.

This wasn’t the first time Meng Hao had noticed something like this. The previous worlds he had explored also contained similar sights. However, those worlds had been far too small, so the phenomenon was much less obvious.

This world, however, was much larger. As he continued to look down at the mountains from up in mid-air, the more he got the feeling there was something very strange about them.

“They look like magical symbols.” That was what made the most sense. He thought back to when he had first come to the Realm of the Bridge Ruins...

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