Chapter 449: Nascent Soul Slaying!

The East Pill Everburning Flame had been inside of Meng Hao all along. It was a flame gifted to him by his Master Pill Demon, for use in pill concocting. He had observed the flame for quite some time that year, and had eventually fused the seed of the flame with his Core. After igniting it fully, it became an everburning fire inside of him.

When he finally became convinced to tread the path of the Five-Colored Nascent Soul, it didn’t seem to have anything to do with the Everburning Flame. Meng Hao hadn’t thought much about it. Meng Hao had assumed that in his pursuit of the five elements, he would need to find different types of totems. However… in the blink of an eye, this flame suddenly exploded out, causing Meng Hao to be completely shaken mentally.

He suddenly realized that he had made a mistake. The Five-Colored path, and the attributes of the five elements, weren’t necessarily limited to totems. Any blessing in Heaven and Earth had the possibility of becoming part of his Five-Colored path.

The Everburning Flame, drawn out by the power of the Joss Flame, and because of his two great totems of Metal and Wood, burned out...

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