Chapter 442: A Figure Leaping, Sailing Over Three Thousand Cultivators! (Teaser)

Chapter 442: A Figure Leaping, Sailing Over Three Thousand Cultivators!

“There’s no need to even think about it,” continued Zhao Youlan. “With a barrier of three thousand Cultivators, he’ll get tangled up before he can even get close to me. Unless he can perform minor teleportation, it won’t do him any good. Even relying on that Blood Qi art won’t get him across such a distance!

“If he flew, it would require incredible speed to break through three thousand Cultivators. Having seen his speed just now, I can tell it’s not sufficient.” It was at this point in her train of thought that Zhao Youlan saw Meng Hao lift his head up and let out a long cry.

In response to the cry, the Wild Giant came running. It roared as its muscles swelled and its body grew to the height of three hundred meters. The muscles on its right arm began to writhe, as if all the blood in its entire body was being collected there. The arm continued to grow in a bizarre and exaggerated way; soon it comprised more than half of the Wild Giant’s entire body!

The arm was completely out of proportion to the rest of its body. Blue veins popped up all over the surface of the arm, and it looked like it was almost...

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