Chapter 427: Greenwood Tree Ancestor Awakening!

Chapter 427: Greenwood Tree Ancestor Awakening!

“It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about family love or one’s temper,” the young man said lightly. He smiled slightly. “Everything is Karma. Sooner or later, everything becomes empty after it has been severed and annihilated.” With that, he waved his right hand. Time almost seemed to flow in reverse as the crumbled South Heaven Gate instantly reformed, as good as new.

Of course, the young man knew that although the gate itself could be repaired, its collapse earlier had caused harm to the Cultivation bases of all living Ji Clan Cultivators connected to it. Such losses would not be easily recovered.

That was the true importance of this gate; it allowed all Cultivators who were part of the Ji Clan to utilize power of the Heavens of Ji to achieve Cultivation base breakthroughs.

Meanwhile, back in the Western Desert, outside of the Crow Divinity Holy Land, the stillness which had gripped the world was gone. Because of the failure of the Karmic Severed, the members of the five great Tribes once again had their memories of Meng Hao.

However, they were left with no sense whatsoever regarding the stillness. The...

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