Chapter 425: The Severing Cannot Continue!

Chapter 425: The Severing Cannot Continue!

Out on the Milky Way Sea floated an island. If you looked at the island from up above in the sky, it had the appearance of a turtle. This island had been quite a mystery in the Milky Way Sea during past years. It floated about here and there, surrounded by mists.

Suddenly the floating island stopped, and an astonishing bellow of rage could be heard from within.

“SCREW OFF!! Bastard! I just fell asleep, and now you come bothering me? You think I want those memories of that twerp Meng Hao? Dammit! SCREW OFF!!”

Patriarch Reliance’s thunderous voice echoed out, kicking up huge waves on the Milky Way Sea.

The archaic voice anxiously said, “How could something like that even exist!?!? How do I accomplish this severing? How?!?!”

He sounded completely flustered and exasperated, shaking because of Meng Hao’s very existence. On another island in the Milky Way Sea was a stooped old man who was currently standing in front of an artist’s easel, painting a picture of the tall, strapping man who stood in front of him.

In the middle of making a brushstroke, the old man suddenly frowned and looked up into the sky. A profound glow suddenly appeared.

“People who exist in my memory cannot have their Karma severed by the Heavens...

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