Chapter 424: Severing Meng Hao’s Karma


The archaic voice boomed out from the sky to echo about within the volcano.

“Flee to the remotest corners of the Earth and you will still be incapable of evading me!”

Meng Hao was only about ten meters ahead of the silver line, his face pale.

It really seemed as if what the voice said was true. Meng Hao… was incapable of evasion!

There was lava inside this volcano, as well as one location deep within that appeared to be a cistern. The rock surrounding the cistern had been chiseled into stone steps, which in turn formed a pool of water.

Meng Hao neared, he passed through multiple restrictive spells. These restrictive spells were set up to prevent anyone not of the Crow Divinity Tribe from nearing. Any outsider who attempted to approach without the help of a Crow Divinity Tribe member would be killed.

However… Meng Hao was being followed by the fishing line. As it neared, it caused everything to cease moving, even all of the bizarre and fantastic things inside of the volcano.

The restrictive spells were also static now, and any hindering power was rendered useless. Meng Hao shot forward with all of the speed he could muster. From ancient...

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