Chapter 419: Outtie (Teaser)

Chapter 419: Outtie

“The parrot never came back after it went chasing the Outlander Beast. It’s impossible to tell what happened between the two of them. In any case, it seems… they came to some sort of agreement?” He ended the Celestial Vision technique. He was astonished, of course, but considering the parrot’s personality, anything was possible.

All of a sudden, Meng Hao felt a bit sorry for all the people from the other tribes who were making their way onto the platform within the golden shield.

“I would imagine Yan Song and the others are in that group….” he thought, looking the group over. Of course, Yan Song and the others were wily old foxes who would obviously have taken precautions to prevent anyone from realizing who they were. After looking at the twelve vassals from the other Tribes, even Meng Hao couldn’t discern any clues.

This was a battle royal with fifteen Totem Cultivators from the five Tribes. As they stepped into the golden shield on the platform, they did not speak. Instead, booming sounds immediately filled the air as the fighting began.

Each group of three formed a unit, instantly become comrades-in-arms...

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