Chapter 403: My Pill.

Chapter 403: My Pill….

As soon as the sound echoed out from the mountain peak, a figure could be seen descending. A middle-aged man strode forth, wearing a black robe. His features were handsome and filled with a certain grimness. He came to a stop next to Wu Ali, his hands clasped behind his back.

The surrounding Crow Scout Tribe members instantly recognized him.

“It’s Grandmaster Mo Fang!”

Wu Ali took a deep breath as he clasped hands and bowed deeply to the man. At the same time, the faces of the surrounding Crow Scout Tribe members filled with veneration as they also clasped hands in greeting.

A smile covered the face of the Earth Priest as he nodded slightly toward the black-robed man. Next to him, the smile on the face of the Grand Elder was even more exuberant.

This black-robed man was none other than the Crow Scout Tribe’s rank 5 Dragoneer Mo Fang, who occupied a very high position within the Tribe. He looked over at Meng Hao, then back at the Earth Priest and the Grand Elder.

“These four mutated Greenwood Wolves appear to be excellent. My horde currently lacks some good attack neo-demons. If I raise those Greenwood Wolves for a while, they should meet my requirements. Could I prevail upon the Earth Priest and the Grand Elder to fulfill my desire?”

The entire time he spoke, it was obvious that his words were not directed toward Meng Hao. The arrogance with which he spoke made it clear that he took no note whatsoever of Meng Hao. This was the disregard of a highly ranked Dragoneer.

It didn’t matter that it was Meng Hao who had raised the four mutated Greenwood Wolves. In his opinion, Meng Hao was nothing but an insect. Such an attitude was something Meng Hao had seen quite a bit of in the past. He gave a faint smile in response to Mo Fang’s disregard, an expression much similar to the one he had directed toward Wu Ling earlier.

The Crow Scout Tribe’s Grand Elder gave a slight smile in response to Mo Fang’s words, but didn’t say anything. He simply looked over at the Earth Priest.

The Earth Priest’s expression was thoughtful. According to Tribe rules, neo-demons were usually raised by only one person, unless they were taken by a Tribe member.

Mo Fang’s request put him in somewhat of a difficult position. Were it some other Dragoneer, he would tactfully decline the request. But Mo Fang was different. He was only rank 5, but his father was the number one vassal in the entire Tribe, rank 7 Dragoneer Mo Zi.

Because of that, the Earth Priest really had no choice but to make some sort of compromise.

But then he looked over at Meng Hao, and especially his right hand, and smiled.

“I’m not authorized to make such a decision. These four neo-demons were raised by this Grandmaster here. You’ll have to see if he’s willing.”

The words of the Earth Priest caused the Grand Elder’s eyes to flicker and narrow imperceptibly. He looked at Meng Hao. Mo Fang turned his head to truly look at Meng Hao for the first time, and his expression was one of shock.

The Earth Priest’s words caused the surrounding Cultivators to think a variety of things. Their eyes flickered as they all looked at Meng Hao.

Meng Hao smiled. “If you can get these Greenwood Wolves to follow you, then I won’t stop them. But if you can’t, then according to the rules, I, Meng Hao, will have to select a few neo-demons to take from your horde.” As far as Meng Hao was concerned, this was his opportunity to make his mark in the Crow Scout Tribe. Mo Fang had appeared, looking to make a fool of himself; Meng Hao would naturally accommodate him.

Mo Fang glared superciliously at Meng Hao and said, “You’ll never get a chance to select a single one of my neo-demons. As a Dragoneer, I will help you to understand the meaning of controlling neo-demons!”

With that, he flicked his sleeve and strode in Meng Hao’s direction. Smiling, Meng Hao took a few steps back, allowing him full access to the Greenwood Wolves.

Mo Fang was getting excited. As a rank 5 Dragoneer, he had a variety of techniques to use to control neo-demons. This was especially true of his particular bloodline, which had produced a rank 9 Dragoneer in the past; that was one step away from Grand Dragoneer. In the end, he had perished, but before doing so, had passed down his secret techniques as a legacy for successive generations.

It might not compare to some of the other Western Desert Dragoneer legacies, but here in the five Crow Divinity Tribes, it was quite outstanding.

“Greenwood Wolves are Wood-type neo-demons that are born at level 1 and can grow to level 7. Within the lists of Western Desert neo-demons, they are in the 891st position. Their original ancestor was born beneath the ancient Greenwood Tree, thus the reason they are called Greenwood Wolves.

“They move with blinding speed and have sharp fangs. They also enjoy the fragrant smell of forest leaves. The thrice refined Green Incense of a rank 5 Dragoneer can cause all masterless Greenwood Wolves under level 5 to submit.” The surrounding Cultivators’ eyes were filled with looks of reverence as Mo Fang arrogantly explained himself.

Meng Hao’s face was covered with his usual slight smile. He said nothing, but merely watched as Mo fang produced a green incense stick. The incense stick seemed to have been created using various plant and vegetation materials. As soon as it appeared, a faint, fragrant aroma drifted out.

However, the aroma seemed to have absolutely no effect on the five Greenwood Wolves. They continued to laze about on the ground, not paying it the slightest heed.

“Not bad,” said Mo Fang. “The fact that they can stand up to this high level Green Incense shows that these neo-demons are beyond ordinary. However, it will be a much different story after I light the incense with my secret Dragoneer kindling magic! Fellow Daoists, please observe!” Setting his chin, he suddenly flashed an incantation with his right hand. Soon, ripples of magic could be seen which spread out toward the Green Incense that he held in his other hand.

An intangible flame appeared, causing the Green Incense stick to begin to smolder. The aroma was immediately ten times thicker than before as it emanated out in all directions. All of the surrounding Cultivators who had Greenwood Wolf totem tattoos were shocked to find the totems within their bodies surging involuntarily. The Cultivators backed up away from the horrifying fragrance.

However, the five Greenwood Wolves who lay directly in the middle of the aroma didn’t react even the slightest bit, except for Hairy #5, who lifted his head and yawned lazily.

Everything was quiet. Quite a few people were looking at Mo Fang, whose face was flickering slightly. He’d never imagined that something like this could happen. With a cold snort, he suddenly snapped his fingers, causing the Green Incense to collapse. The aroma of the incense then grew several time stronger and thicker as it emanated out.

And yet… Big Hairy and Hairy #2 didn’t even bat an eyelid. As for Hairy #5, he actually nudged Hairy #4 playfully, completely ignoring Mo Fang.

Meng Hao coughed dryly. The aroma was completely ineffective because of their mutation; previous flaws that existed within ordinary Greenwood Wolves were now gone.

“Not bad,” said Mo Fang, clearing his throat. “These Greenwood Wolves are very good at resisting this incense. But that doesn’t matter. I, Mo Fang, have many techniques. If the simplest doesn’t work, who cares?” Suddenly, he waved his right hand, causing a red glow to appear in front of him, within which could be seen a huge lump of meat.

The fresh meat dripped with blood, the smell of which spread out to fill the area. Hairy #5 suddenly looked up. Hairys #4 and #3 also looked over. The surrounding audience members who had Greenwood Wolf totem tattoos backed up, their faces filled with fear. They could feel the Greenwood Wolf totems inside of them moving about in agitation. It seemed like they might go completely out of control and burst forth at any moment.

Mo Fang laughed. “The blood and meat of the Searchtree Deer is irresistible to Greenwood Wolves. That is especially true of this lump of meat, which I, Mo Fang, have been refining for eight months!” Hairy #5 had an odd expression on his face as he looked over. He sniffed the air a few times, then turned back to play with Hairy #4. Hairy #3 studied the lump of meat for a moment, then seemed to find it boring and looked away.

Meng Hao chuckled. During his training of these wolves, Meng Hao had only fed them meat like this once, that first time in the beginning. Afterward, he only fed them meat when he secretly took them out into the mountains and let them kill and eat live beasts. To them, it was somewhat of a habit. When it came to meat that wasn’t fresh, they wouldn't find it interesting at all. The only reason Hairy #5 had looked over earlier was because of curiosity.

Mo Fang’s eyes went wide. However, the surrounding Crow Scout Tribe members were all looking at him, so he merely coughed and covered his face with an expression of praise.

“So, it seems I’ll actually have to use something really powerful!” he said through gritted teeth. He waved his hand, causing a green liquid to appear. This provoked no reaction from Big Hairy and the others.

Mo Fang was starting to get anxious. He quickly performed an incantation with both hands, employing a magical technique that caused glowing bands of light to shoot out toward the five Greenwood Wolves. The wolves, however, didn’t even so much as glance at the bands of light. They continued to play around, except for Big Hairy, who had closed his eyes to nap.

The surrounding Crow Scout Tribe members had strange expressions on their faces. They had seen Mo Fang use incense, meat, water and even magic. He was using so many methods that he had started to sweat…. However, none of them provoked any reaction at all on the part of the Greenwood Wolves. They continued to ignore him.

Wu Chen, Wu Ling and the others all watched on with odd expressions. Even the Grand Elder was frowning. As for the Earth Priest, a thoughtful smile could be seen on his face as he looked again at Meng Hao’s right hand.

“As of now, I think I can confirm his identity,” thought the Earth Priest. He was beginning to grow very happy.

Mo Fang glared at the five Greenwood Wolves, his eyes a bit bloodshot. Gritting his teeth, he slapped his bag of holding, which caused a bloody glow to emerge. It came to rest on his hand in the form of a blood-colored medicinal pill.

The instant the medicinal pill appeared, the surrounding Crow Scout Tribe members’ faces lit with shock. Their totem tattoos began to glow as one neo-demon after another appeared. They lifted their heads up to the sky and howled, then stared fixedly at the blood-colored pill in Mo Fang’s hand. If their masters weren’t holding them back, it seemed as if these neo-demons would charge forward in attack.

The Grand Elder’s eyes narrowed. “That’s….”

Even the Earth Priest narrowed his eyes.

Holding the pill out, Mo Fang arrogantly said, “I have been refining this pill from the day I became a rank 1 Dragoneer. This is a Demon Nurturing Pill!”

This was his trump card as a Dragoneer, a method specifically targeting neo-demons.

“Demon Nurturing Pill!!”

“So it’s a legendary Demon Nurturing Pill! It’s said that this type of pill has long since vanished from the face of the Earth. And yet Grandmaster Mo is holding one right there!”

Everyone was completely shocked.

His voice filled with pride, Mo Fang said, “Although this is not a real Demon Nurturing Pill of legend, it has been handed down from my ancestors. True, it might not measure up to the pill of the Frigid Snow Clan. However, their formula was actually flawed. My pill can definitely outdo any other pill in the Western Desert. It can cause all neo-demons within a three hundred meter area to go crazy!!”

As far as Mo Fang was concerned, now that he had produced this pill, there was nothing to worry about. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was in a bind, and everyone had watched him pull off a string of failures, he would never have dared to pull it out.

All of the neo-demons in the area were howling. Meng Hao’s Greenwood Wolves looked over at the pill, strange expressions in their eyes.


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