Chapter 402: You Predicted That Too?

Chapter 402: You Predicted That Too?

Wu Chen had the sudden urge to cry out. Moments ago he had been the object of ridicule; a breath later it was the exact opposite. He couldn’t speak, and in fact, tears welled up in his eyes and began to flow down his face. He started to laugh. This laughter was a release of all the pressure that he had felt over the past years.

At the moment, he didn’t even care about the totem medallion. All he cared about was this feeling of finally rising up, the feeling of no longer being below others.

Disbelief filled the eyes of Wu Ling, and her brain felt as if it were being struck by a hundred thousand lightning bolts. What had happened just now didn’t seem possible, and all she could do was stare with wide eyes at Meng Hao.

Her mind was a complete blank; the only thing she could think about was how staunchly Wu Chen had insisted on asking Meng Hao for help.

Slowly, her face grew pale as she thought of all the things she had said. Then she thought about the things she hadn’t spoken out but only thought, and of her plans to kill Meng Hao...

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