Chapter 386: Five Colored Sky, Cultivation Base Breakthrough!

Chapter 386: Five Colored Sky, Cultivation Base Breakthrough!

The parrot stared blankly at Meng Hao as he stood there surrounded by Heavenly Tribulation. Within the three thousand kilometer region, the ground had been completely transformed into ice crystals. The sky was thick with black clouds, and lightning fell down like rain, shaking Heaven and Earth.

Meng Hao was in the middle of it all, head thrown back as the brutal sound of his laughter rose up into the face of the Heavens. The parrot was breathing heavily as it recalled a figure it had seen once, also laughing in the face of Heavenly Tribulation. The only difference was that Meng Hao was on the ground, and the person in its memory was in mid-air.

Apparently infuriated by Meng Hao’s laughter, the clouds in the Heaven seethed, and another color appeared in addition to the red and black.


Shocking green lightning mixed in with the red and black. Three-colored lightning descended upon Meng Hao, twenty bolts at the same time!

The eight Nascent Soul Cultivators had lost even the power to curse. They were doing everything to fight back against the lightning. Amidst the booms, Meng Hao’s laughter rang out as slender, white strands began to fly about in the air around...

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