Chapter 384: MY Gold Core Tribulation!

Chapter 384: MY Gold Core Tribulation!

It was as if there was some inexplicable cycle that existed, within which appeared a type of rule. Because of this, the Eyeless Larva could never be killed, nor could its silk be destroyed. It was truly miraculous.

“This creature is a defiance of the Heavens….” After feeling the connection with the Eyeless Larva, Meng Hao’s eyes began to shine, and his heart pounded.

Lord Fifth looked crestfallen and filled with envy as it looked at Meng Hao, as if its heart was on the verge of exploding. It was something extraordinary and special, and was also able to sense what had just happened. Its gaze fell onto the Eyeless Larva, and after a long moment passed, it let out a sigh.

“Lord Fifth is so handsome and debonair,” it said, continuing to sigh, “esteemed in all Heaven and Earth, a unique, beautiful bird. During this life, I’ve never been able to have such a miraculous, heaven-defying creature. Why does Meng Hao suddenly get one…. It’s not fair, you dog-fart of a Heaven! It’s not fair!”

Meng Hao lifted his head up to look into the sky.

“Parrot, it’s time to remove whatever force you put on me to conceal me from the Heavenly Tribulation. The time has come to transcend...

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