Chapter 378: Exterminate the Spirit!

Chapter 378: Exterminate the Spirit!

“I am the Agarwood, a Spirit from the Ninth Sea. I fell to South Heaven and into the Western Desert…. I encountered a magical transformation, which reopened my consciousness. Righteous Bestowal made me Demonic. My bloodline remained in South Heaven and evolved into a Clan. My legacy was passed down from generation to generation, but few nowadays possess my bloodline.

“The Agarwood has two heads, the body of a dragon, and the tail of a phoenix. It never sheds tears; shedding tears ends its life. Now, I am gone. I left South Heaven to return home…. Other than the League of Demon Sealers, only my descendants can receive my legacy!” The ancient voice echoed out in Meng Hao’s head. Endless amounts of glorious light surrounded him. Suddenly, the illusory image of a creature appeared. It was shaped like a dragon, with two heads, and the tail of a phoenix, and was no less than three thousand meters long!

The instant the two-headed Agarwood appeared, the sky faded, and a roar filled all creation. Meng Hao could sense a bizarre, unspeakable power pouring...

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