Chapter 362: Still Won’t Believe

Chapter 362: Still Won’t Believe

Yan waited for a long time, but seeing Zhou Dekun’s lack of even a nod, he finally clasped hands and bowed once again. His voice filled with sincerity, he said, “Grandmaster Zhou, I’m aware that such a request is a bit boorish. However, considering our mutual affection for the great Dao of alchemy, I am willing to trade one of the pills I personally concocted, just to be able to gaze upon that pill of yours.”

His Cultivation base was at the Nascent Soul stage, so for him to bow to Zhou Dekun in such a way showed the depth of his sincerity, as well as his devotion to the Dao of alchemy.

Everyone watching was of the opinion that for Zhou Dekun to not produce the pill for the man to look at would be extremely egotistical. After all, the man had made a polite request, and only wished to look at the pill. He was even willing to offer up payment to be able to do so.

Zhou Dekun’s face was turning pale, and he was about to speak when Yan frowned.

“Grandmaster Zhou,” he said earnestly, “I merely wish to look at the pill. Will you really...

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