Chapter 355: Flying Rain-Dragon Up Above!

Chapter 355: Flying Rain-Dragon Up Above!

It seemed like the approaching Cultivators were actually preparing to attack. Meng Hao blinked. “Looks like even though I saved her, no one will believe I did.” In the lead was a handsome young man who looked extremely nervous. His Cultivation base was at the late Core Formation stage.

Following him were a dozen or so other Cultivators, the weakest of whom was at the early Core Formation stage. Three were of the same level as the young man, the late Core Formation Stage.

At the front of their group were five rotating planets; the spell formation shone brightly and caused them to speed forward like the wind as they attacked.

Suddenly, Hanxue Shan shot forward. Her speed was incredible, causing Meng Hao’s eyes to flicker. Clearly, she had been concealing the true limits of her speed before. As she flew forward, a cloud of ice and snow appeared beneath her feet, propelling her forward. The other two Cultivators also shot forward, utilizing magical techniques and treasures to increase their speed.

They were obviously worried that Meng Hao would attack them, or do something...

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