Chapter 353: Grand Dragoneer!

The Western Desert Cultivator gave the young woman a vicious, greedy smile. “When neo-demons began to be raised in the Western Desert, the Frigid Blood Clan brought forth generation after generation of Grand Dragoneer. When I was small, I heard all of the legends about your clan.

“Grand Dragoneers wield power far greater than that of totems. They are the true pinnacle of the Western Desert. As for me… I’m a mere rank 3 Dragoneer. But, if I can seize the legacy of the Frigid Blood Clan… then I’ll have a chance to become a Grand Dragoneer! Hanxue Shan, what do you think of the neo-demons I’ve raised?” The Western Desert Cultivator laughed heartily as the black wolves in the area all lifted their heads up and howled. They seemed to bristle with ferocity. [1]

The glowing shield surrounding...

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