Chapter 347: The Magical Fog Becomes a Sea!

Chapter 347: The Magical Fog Becomes a Sea!

Meng Hao’s words boomed out like thunder.

It wasn’t just the Nascent Soul Cultivator who stared in shock after hearing them; all of the surrounding thousand Cultivators gaped.

When the words rang out, Big-head was off in the distance reveling in Meng Hao’s misfortune. He gasped. In his opinion, Meng Hao’s words were simply too pretentious.

Dongluo Ling’s eyes went wide; she had never imagined someone could be so wildly arrogant. Dongluo Han also stared in shock, along with all of the other Dongluo Clan members, who looked on in disbelief.

The Nascent Soul Cultivator started to laugh. His laughter grew louder, and the look on his face became grimmer. His killing intent had long since begun to emanate out.


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