Chapter 346: Who The Hell Are You?!

Chapter 346: Who The Hell Are You?!

Meng Hao gazed at the Lotus Sword Formation. It came from the three-page booklet he’d acquired when conning the hundreds of Cultivators who were chasing him. As for who it had originally belonged to, he had no idea.

However, the small booklet had given Meng Hao a sense of great enlightenment. Before, he’d never realized that swords… could be organized into formations!

His research in recent days hadn’t been limited to totems and the small jar that was a legacy from the Fourth Mountain. He’d also spent significant time studying sword formations. The three-page booklet had no text, only illustrations; if you understood it, you understood it. If you didn’t, you never would.

Meng Hao didn’t understand very much, but based on what he did, he could form the lotus that he had just now. Even still, the sword formation was able to emanate shocking, explosive power.

Creating a formation like a lotus enabled him to unleash the deadly power of Time!

He paid little attention to the surrounding thousand Cultivators, but they had no choice other than to pay close attention to him. Meng Hao was their Patriarch, the soul of the Church of Golden...

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