Chapter 322: Ji Clan Bag of Holding

Chapter 322: Ji Clan Bag of Holding

After quite some time passed, Meng Hao’s figure gradually disappeared, transforming into a pulsing aura which disappeared into nothing.

Back in the Immortal’s cave, he slowly opened his eyes. They were filled with an expression of blankness, as well as a somewhat embarrassing feeling of fear.

His breathing was a bit heavy. Everything the old man had said, every word, every sentence, continued to echo in Meng Hao’s mind like thunder.

Various memories began to flicker through his mind, and his eyes began to glow.

“The boundless Ninth Mountain…. Choumen Tai is from the Seventh Mountain's Planet Tiger Cage, and participated in what he called the great war of the Ninth Mountain…. That must be the great war among the Stars that the old man talked about! [1. Choumen Tai was the “Immortal’s corpse” who Meng Hao met in chapter 301]

“Also, I remember that the Eighth Generation Demon Sealer said that he came across the legacy of the Seventh Generation Demon Sealer in the Sixth Mountain, which was how he joined the League of Demon Sealers. He said he refined half of the Sea of the Sixth Mountain to form his Demon Sealing Jade!” [2. The Eighth Demon Sealer’s...

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