Chapter 318: Have Faith in the Lord Fifth, Gain Eternal Life!

Chapter 318: Have Faith in the Lord Fifth, Gain Eternal Life!

“Lord Fifth knows!”

“You don’t know!”

“Arrrrhhhh! Fine!” squawked the parrot, flapping its wings. “You shall know how powerful an ancient Celestial bird is!” The parrot’s eyes had turned green; its dignity had been questioned! A multicolored light suddenly blazed out from it, filling the entire small mountain in the space of a single breath.

Then, the light returned, as if it had collected something from within the mountain. The light gathered together, transforming into a pile of black soil the size of a fist.

“See?” said the parrot arrogantly, its voice shrill. “The secret of these black-colored lands can be found within this very mountain. This was refined out by me, Lord Fifth, personally!”

Off to the side, the meat jelly watched in a daze, completely quiet, as if it had just been enlightened. Despite its apparent sudden realization, however, it quickly grew more curious.

“What the heck is it?” it said. It rolled its eyes as it considered Meng Hao’s words from just now, and then the arrogant posturing of the parrot. Suddenly, it felt very excited and gushed, “You’re trying to use that crap to fool us, you old bird! You don’t have any idea at all what it is!”

The parrot looked scornfully at the meat jelly. This time, it didn’t react at all like it had toward Meng Hao, causing...

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