Chapter 312: Because This Person, Is Filled With Insanity!

Chapter 312: Because This Person, Is Filled With Insanity!

Amidst the laughter and the whipping red hair, Meng Hao lifted his right hand. There between his fingers was a violet-colored medicinal pill! This pill contained a devilish will, and the instant it appeared, rumbling filled Heaven and Earth.

An indescribable aura seethed out from it to fill the surroundings, causing all onlookers’ faces to flicker. Without hesitation, Meng Hao placed the pill into his mouth.

The violet-colored pill dissolved with shocking speed, staining his internal organs as if with ink, filling his viscera.


Meng Hao lifted his head toward the sky and let out a shocking roar. Beneath the mask, his face twisted and distorted. His crimson eyes filled with insanity and billowing killing intent. The blood-colored mask seemed to approve of the aura which surged throughout his body; it caused it to spread out even more intensely!


Incomprehensible pain!

His entire body felt as if it were being slashed into pieces, as if he were being punished with death by a thousand cuts. As this happened, it released all of the potential of his latent talent and Cultivation base. It was as if a treasure chest within his body had been opened. A final intense pain rushed through him; it felt as if someone had ripped open his chest, pulled out his beating heart and lifted it up to the sky!


Earthshaking chaos!

An indescribable power seemed to take all of the memories in his head and crush them to dust. His will and his consciousness were thrown into disorder. Within the disorder and chaos, strands of intense and incomparable killing intent filled him!

One strand, one hundred strands, one thousand strands, ten thousand strands, one hundred thousand strands… all the way to ten million strands of killing intent!!

The killing intent sent Meng Hao’s mind into chaos. It crushed his Core, sent his soul into insanity, staining it with terrifying frenzy!

The insanity transformed into world-shaking killing dementia. It toppled his thinking ability, melted his mind into nothing, filling him with a devilish will. It turned into a self-destructive desire, which in turn caused his Cultivation base to climb upward.

Mid Core Formation, late Core Formation, great circle of Core Formation…. Meng Hao’s roars filled the area, filling everyone with complete shock.

Meng Hao was not experiencing a burning of the soul; this superseded that, because this pill… was the Bedevilment Pill! And this will, was a devilish will!

This person, was filled with insanity!

The Cultivation base burned, releasing the soul. The frenzied will and the desire for self-destruction, transformed into devilish insanity. This was Meng Hao!

His eyes were crimson, filled with blood, with devilishness, with imperceptible malevolence. Beneath the mask, he was growing older. His red hair whipped around him unrestrained.

The image of Meng Hao in this moment was indelibly branded onto the eyes of everyone who was watching.

At the moment, the ten or more Nascent Soul Cultivators, still suppressed into Core Formation, approached Meng Hao. They outnumbered him, and their Cultivation bases were inherently greater than his by far. So they still closed in, each and every one preparing to attack.

It was as if each feared that they would not personally be able to exterminate him, and would thus incur trouble within their Clans.

Their killing intent billowed up to the heavens as they whistled through the air. No one was there to help Meng Hao. In this moment, he was completely alone; the only person who could help him, was he himself. The only person he could rely on, was himself!

Meng Hao’s laughter was filled with insanity. It echoed through the air, and as it did, he waved his right hand in front of him.

“Without a face!”

Heaven and Earth shook, and the enormous face once again appeared around Meng Hao. It was larger than before, and even more substantial than before. It did not seem illusory in any way now, but real.

The face towered up, blood flowing from its eyes. The sight was startling and shocking. Like a mad devil, it shot roaring toward the dozen or so incoming Nascent Soul Cultivators.

To the onlookers, Meng Hao seemed like a moth willingly flying into a conflagration, seeking death. And yet in doing so, he unleashed all the splendor of life, causing everyone’s hearts to twinge with emotion.

A moth flies into the flame seemingly because the moth loves the flame. It wishes to be reborn within the flame. To onlookers, it would seem that death was unavoidable; however, who could possibly know that this moth had no love of flame? Instead, it wished to use its life to extinguish the flame!

A boom filled the air, rocking everything. Blood sprayed from Meng Hao’s mouth as the massive face collapsed. Despite the fact that his Cultivation base was climbing up because of the Bedevilment Pill, he was facing the combined attack of ten or more people. How could he possibly measure up to that?

As the blood shot from his mouth, massive injuries wracked his body. His eyes were listless and a wan smile covered his face as he flopped backward like a kite with its string cut. The faces of his more than ten opponents all flickered as they attacked again. Their intense killing intent were like sharp arrows preparing to stab through Meng Hao.

However, even as they surged forward in attack, Meng Hao’s listless eyes, shone with unbridled frenzy.

“A single word!” he cried, his voice hoarse. Shockingly, he was using the fearsome power of the Bedevilment Pill to fuel the divine ability of the Blood Immortal Legacy.

As the words left his mouth, the collapsing face immediately ceased disintegrating. The cracks which covered it seemed to seethe with ferocity as vast quantities of red mist poured out from them.

The red mist spread out in front of Meng Hao. The massive face seemed to be rapidly passing through time; it began to shrink, and the cracks disappeared. It was complete once again. And then… in the place where previously no mouth could be seen, two lips appeared.

The mouth opened and seemed to be speaking, although no one could hear the sound it uttered. However… as soon as the noiseless sound appeared, the ten or so old men all felt their minds shaking. Streaks of blood instantly covered their bodies, as if they would be ripped to pieces in an instant.

It was at this exact moment that Meng Hao spoke the third sentence.

“The flames of war unify!”

Without a face, a single word, the flames of war unify!

This was the first of the three divine abilities of the Blood Immortal Legacy, forcibly pushed into motion by Meng Hao. Immediately smoke rose up from all directions, along with flames of war, twisting, spiralling, surrounding Meng Hao with a massive swirling pillar of fire. The roaring of it lifted up to the heavens.

More of Meng Hao’s bones snapped. Blood showered out from his body as his body was swept off of its feet and sent rolling onto the ground. The recoil of power caused the mask to be violently ripped off his face.

Meng Hao’s features were like that of an old man. His face was pale as he lay there on the ground; however, devilish frenzy still flickered within his eyes.

His Cultivation base was already at the point of shattering. His body seemed on the verge of complete ruin. Too much of his longevity had been wasted. However, his heart would not give up. It was with full conscious effort that he chose to continue the burning.

Roars filled the air as the pillar of fire expanded out. The ten or more Nascent Soul Cultivators were slowly pushed away. Shockingly, three of them immediately coughed up blood.

The intense power of this divine ability of Meng Hao's was incredibly shocking.

“The Blood Immortal Legacy is incredible….” said one of the Nascent Soul Cultivators. The expressions of all of the ten or more old men were grim, especially the three who had sustained injuries. Their injuries were not serious, but they were collectively attacking a single Core Formation Cultivator. For this to have happened to them was something they found hard to accept.

“It’s over,” said another of the old men. They looked at their opponent; he had no power to fight back; he had sustained severe injuries throughout his body. He was like a lamp with no oil left to burn. They slowly advanced toward him, preparing to end this troublesome confrontation.

Xu Qing was trembling. She was just about to rush out when Han Bei reached out and grabbed her arm, holding her back with incredible power.

Xu Qing turned to look at Han Bei, when suddenly Meng Hao laughed.

His skin was pale white, and his features aged; he was no longer young. However, there was something visible inside his face that had always existed there..

His laughter contained something strange, something fierce; it was filled with intense killing intent!

“Awake, my mastiff!” he said. He struggled to raise his right hand and place it gently onto the blood-colored mask. As he spoke the words, his eyes filled with warmth and anticipation.

The moment Meng Hao had reached core Formation, he had been able to sense the mastiff slumbering. He also knew that although it must remain sleeping, it was possible for it to occasionally awaken from sleep for just a moment.

All he need to do was call to it, awaken it. This… was his true killing intent. In fact, everything Meng Hao had been doing up to now had merely been to buy time to allow the mastiff to awaken. The entire time, he had been calling to it silently, over and over again.

Starting within the mental realm, all the way until now, all the way until the fierce and deadly fighting, he had been silently calling to the mastiff. He had been calling it the entire time, all the way up until the moment just now when he finally lost all power to fight back. It was then that the mastiff… finally began to show signs of movement.

The signs of movement contained anxiety, as well as a frenzy similar to that which filled Meng Hao. It seemed as if the mastiff were using all the power it possessed to fight against the slumber which held it. It woke, filled with the same desire it had in the Blood Immortal Legacy tournament; it would protect its master.

The ten or more old men shot forward, and as they did Meng Hao reached out to touch the blood-colored mask. Then, he spoke the words calling the mastiff. The mask instantly began to tremble; it flew up into the air with incredible speed, stopping to hover in front of Meng Hao.

Suddenly, a massive blood-colored screen appeared, over three hundred meters in diameter.

The blood-colored screen looked like an enormous mirror of blood. When it appeared, the surface of the mirror filled with countless ripples, as well as growling sounds which emanated out from within.

The sound of the growling shook heaven and earth, and immediately caused the faces of the dozen or so old men to fall. It sounded like the mastiff had found an enemy, and was threatening it. The echoing sound filled the air, passing through the black fog to the world outside of the basin.

The Ji Clan Spirit Severing Cultivator who had been stranded by the Wang Clan Patriarch suddenly opened his eyes. His pupils constricted. In front of him, the Wang Clan Patriarch let out a light gasp of surprise.

A frenzied, heaven-shaking roar sounded out from within the blood-colored screen. It was the roar of a wild beast, filled with insanity and billowing killing intent. As the roar filled the air, the ten or so old men in front of Meng Hao immediately experienced unprecedented feelings of life-or-death crisis floating up from their hearts.

It was at this moment that the surface of the blood-colored screen distorted. It protruded… as if something were trying to break out!

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