Chapter 311: Now That is a Cultivator!

Chapter 311: Now That is a Cultivator!

Meng Hao’s face was grim as he looked around at the roiling fog. He immediately bit down on the tip of his tongue, spitting up some blood. As soon as it flew out into the air, it transformed into a blood mist beneath Meng Hao’s feet.

This helped him to amplify his speed by several times; he immediately reappeared five kilometers away, next to the shrinking Immortal’s corpse.

The instant he did, he coughed up a mouthful of blood, and his once black hair was now white. Just now, he had used one of the multifarious forbidden techniques of the Blood Immortal Legacy. A Core Formation Cultivator could use this technique to instantly gain speed far beyond the normal capability of his body.

It wasn’t quite a minor teleportation, but considering the short distance involved, there wasn’t much of a difference. Minor teleportation was a divine ability of Nascent Soul Cultivators. As for Core Formation Cultivators, they could use this forbidden art only three times throughout their life.

As Meng Hao’s body disappeared, the position he had just occupied collapsed, the air shattering because of the forbidden technique. He...

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