Chapter 304: Core Formation!!

Chapter 304: Core Formation!!

By the time the words left Ji Hongdong’s mouth, the phoenix, formed from the black aura as well as countless discarnate souls, was around twenty to twenty five meters away from him. Suddenly, it began to tremble.

The previously vicious faces of the discarnate souls were suddenly filled with dread and shock, as if they had suddenly encountered something they found terrifying.

The black phoenix emitted a shrill scream, as if it didn’t want to proceed any further forward. It lowered its head, almost like it was bowing to Ji Hongdong.

The expression on Xu Qing’s face immediately changed. She began to tremble, and her eyes filled with disbelief. How could she possibly have predicted that the discarnate souls of the Black Sieve Sect, who were as powerful as the sun at high noon, would prostrate before a Core Formation Cultivator?

“Your bloodline….” Her heart thumped as she suddenly considered the words Ji Hongdong had just spoken.

Ji Hongdong gave a cold harumph, and once again spoke: “Trifling discarnate souls! In front of the bloodline...

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