Chapter 289: Which Path to Choose?

Chapter 289: Which Path to Choose?

Meng Hao gaped at his father. He’d forgotten how long it had been since he’d seen him act so strictly. The seriousness of his tone instantly caused him to wake up.

“A Master is like a father….” Meng Hao watched his father’s back as he left. He clearly was wearing a simple, unlined robe. However, for some reason, it seemed to Meng Hao as if he were surrounded by a violet wind.

The wind seemed to shatter some barrier in his mind; suddenly an image appeared. It was his father. The image was blurry, but he could tell that his father was looking at him and sighing softly.

His mother was there too, gazing at him warmly. It looked like there were tears in her eyes.

For some reason… there was also a Tower of Tang, as well as many, many complicated memories. Meng Hao thought for a long moment before shaking his head roughly and turning to look off in the distance. There, in the middle of the county, was a very tall tower. It was… a Tower of Tang.

“That wasn’t there before, was it…? No, it never was.” A confused look appeared on Meng Hao’s face.

In the midst of his vacantness, an ancient-sounding voice reached his ears. “This isn’t a boarding school.”

As his father disappeared into...

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