Chapter 287: Creating Something out of Nothing

Chapter 287: Creating Something out of Nothing

A moment passed, and there were still nine stone steps. Not one more, not one less.

Nonetheless, no one made a single comment. This was because… Meng Hao opened his hand, and the transparent medicinal pill therein floated up to hover in front of him. Then… it blossomed with nine, glowing colored lights. The light emanated out from the pill, slowly forming into the shape of a Nine Treasures Pearl Curtain Plant!

The plant was vivid and lifelike, and the instant it appeared, it attracted everyone’s attention. The gazes were filled with countless thoughts. Shock, amazement, and disbelief filled everyone’s minds until they were complete blanks.

An Zaihai’s voice broke the silence. “This is… creating something out of nothing!!” He was panting as he once again rose to his feet. Earlier, he had guessed that this might happen, but to see it with his own eyes sent his mind reeling and shook his heart.

Normally he would never have made such an outburst. He was an alchemist, and stubborn pursuit was part of the Dao of alchemy. He was the type of eccentric who would never reveal his emotions regardless of whether he was happy or...

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