Chapter 285: Who is the Strongest?

Chapter 285: Who is the Strongest?

Meng Hao took a deep breath. Then, he lifted up his right hand, took hold of a flower, and put it into the pill furnace.

Only the Violet Furnace Lords on the mountaintop could get an idea from Meng Hao’s actions what he intended to do. However, all of them had different expressions on their faces. Some were frowning, others seemed lost in thought.

“Fang Mu’s choice is… interesting…. However, he won’t be able to pull off something like that!”

“Even still, that type of thinking in the Dao of alchemy is laudable. It contains some of the frivolity of youth, but considering his skill in the Dao of alchemy, he definitely won’t be able to succeed. I still favor Ye Feimu. That kid’s Dao of alchemy contains persistence. Persistence is a necessity for all of us alchemists.”

The Violet Furnace Lords continued to discuss matters as they watched on.

Only An Zaihai gaped for a moment, before a bright gleam filled his eyes. “He wants to concoct….” An Zaihai’s breathing grew heavier. He did not agree with the others. Without thinking about it, he turned to look at his Master,...

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