Chapter 283: Goofing Off

Chapter 283: Goofing Off

Actually, even if Meng Hao hadn’t concocted the various medicinal pills, the miasma wouldn’t have been the least bit harmful to him in any way. The Resurrection Lily had been suppressed, but its nature talent was still within him, which could innately dispel all varieties of poisons.

Meng Hao did not fear poison.

Granted, many years had passed since the Blood Immortal Legacy tournament, which so many Cultivators had witnessed [1. The Blood Immortal Legacy tournament was quite a long story arc. He passed the “poison” matrix in chapter 125]. However, anyone observing could easily make a connection between the two. Thus, he had concocted the medicinal pills to make it seem like they were repelling the poisons. However, their true function was to suppress his own aura, which was was affecting the poison bugs and the miasma.

That of course was something about him that was completely different from the other candidates.

There was really no choice but to suppress his aura in this way. If he didn’t do so with the medicinal pills, then as he traveled through the miasma, it would explode away from him immediately, and the entire area would be completely free of it, without the slightest trace.

Even having suppressed his aura, the miasma still spread out away from him. There was literally nothing...

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