Chapter 279: Opening the Pill Furnace

Chapter 279: Opening the Pill Furnace

The voice that Meng Hao had just heard was exactly the same voice he had heard coming from the Furnace Lord medallion four days ago. Considering that, as well as the expressions on everyone’s faces, how could Meng Hao not come to the conclusion that… this person was none other than the illustrious Grandmaster Pill Demon.

In Meng Hao’s eyes, Grandmaster Pill Demon looked completely ordinary. He did not possess the demeanor of a transcendent being, nor did he emanate some powerful, domineering fierceness. He looked just like a regular old man.

Then… Meng Hao thought about the 200,000,000 Spirit Stones, and his mood worsened. Of course, he couldn’t mention anything about that now. Next, he thought about how he had been told to return in four days, but hadn’t been told where to go. He had rushed over to the Sect only to be forced to scramble back in the opposite direction. It had left him completely drained.

All of these depressing thoughts caused Meng Hao’s expression to flicker with a bit of anger and frustration.

Chu Yuyan looked at him and let out a light snort. She looked away, ignoring him, gazing...

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