Chapter 277: Eastern Emergence Mountain (Teaser)

Chapter 277: Eastern Emergence Mountain

Meng Hao opened his eyes and stared blankly at the Furnace Lord medallion for a moment as the voice faded from his mind. For some reason its tone made it seem that whoever was speaking was very familiar with him.

The tone had been one of idle chit-chat, which left Meng Hao even more surprised.

However, the voice was clearly that of a stranger; Meng Hao was sure he had never heard it before.

He frowned for a moment, then transformed into a beam of light and shot forward. Before he had flown very far, he suddenly stopped and looked down at the Furnace Lord medallion. His eyes narrowed for a moment, then began to shine. Within the shining glow were bits of fury.

“I know who that voice belongs to. The only person who has the authority to start a trial by fire for Violet Furnace Lord promotion… completely based on his mood…. Other than the Violet Furnace Lords themselves, the only person who could transmit a message from such a distance is….

“Pill Demon!” Meng Hao ground his teeth. He had really had no option but to go.

“My Bedevilment Pill! My 200,000,000 Spirit Stones….” Thinking about the vast amount of Spirit Stones made Meng Hao’s heart seize with pain. It...

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