Chapter 272: Massive Cultivation Base Breakthrough!

Chapter 272: Massive Cultivation Base Breakthrough!

This sword could rock Heaven and Earth!

This sword shook the tens of thousands of Cultivators!

This sword embodied the fury of the azure-masked Cultivator. His desire to kill Meng Hao could grow no higher!

A sense of danger had existed in Meng Hao’s heart since the beginning of the battle. However, the moment it had appeared, the Qi strand inside of him had begun to grow rapidly. Soon he would be able to experience a Cultivation base breakthrough.

Currently, Meng Hao had a very strong feeling that if he could stand up to this attack… then he would be able to have that breakthrough. The ancient battle Qi would give rise to his ninth Perfect Dao Pillar; he would be the first Cultivator in ages to be of the great circle of Perfect Foundation Establishment!

Determination filled Meng Hao’s eyes. The Soul Sword approached, splitting the air as it raced toward him. Meng Hao suddenly stretched out both of his arms. His eyes were crimson as he called:

“Five Clones of Blood! Come!” Five blood-colored figures suddenly appeared around him. These were none other than the five...

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