Chapter 267: Black Lands Cultivators

Chapter 267: Black Lands Cultivators

A moment later, the screen completely faded. The surrounding Cultivators began to depart. Meng Hao remained, sitting cross-legged and staring out into the blank air, thinking.

Two days after the appearance of the Dao Projection, in the evening, Meng Hao closed his eyes. When it was deep in the night, his body flickered, and he disappeared.

The Wang Clan Dao Child and Chosen, in fact anyone in whose veins ran the blood of the Wang Clan, were all congregated on a mountain not too far from the Dao Geyser.

This particular night was doomed to be anything but tranquil.

The moon hung high in the sky when Meng Hao appeared just outside the mountain. He glanced up at the Wang Clan banner fluttering in the wind at the top of the mountain, then shot up toward it.

“Who are you? You dare to charge into Wang Clan territory!?”

“This place is marked with the Wang Clan banner, your excellency, please halt!”

Voices rose up as eight figures flew out, shooting toward Meng Hao. In front of them appeared whistling sword Qi, which also shot directly at Meng Hao.

His face was calm as he flicked his right sleeve. Power exploded from his...

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