Chapter 267: Black Lands Cultivators

Chapter 267: Black Lands Cultivators

A moment later, the screen completely faded. The surrounding Cultivators began to depart. Meng Hao remained, sitting cross-legged and staring out into the blank air, thinking.

Two days after the appearance of the Dao Projection, in the evening, Meng Hao closed his eyes. When it was deep in the night, his body flickered, and he disappeared.

The Wang Clan Dao Child and Chosen, in fact anyone in whose veins ran the blood of the Wang Clan, were all congregated on a mountain not too far from the Dao Geyser.

This particular night was doomed to be anything but tranquil.

The moon hung high in the sky when Meng Hao appeared just outside the mountain. He glanced up at the Wang Clan banner fluttering in the wind at the top of the mountain, then shot up toward it.

“Who are you? You dare to charge into Wang Clan territory!?”

“This place is marked with the Wang Clan banner, your excellency, please halt!”

Voices rose up as eight figures flew out, shooting toward Meng Hao. In front of them appeared whistling sword Qi, which also shot directly at Meng Hao.

His face was calm as he flicked his right sleeve. Power exploded from his eight Perfect Dao Pillars. What appeared to be the simple flick of the sleeve was actually crushing pressure from his Cultivation base, which transformed into a gale force wind that spread out in all directions.

A boom filled the air, and the eight sword auras collapsed into pieces. The eight Cultivators’ faces filled with shock as they tumbled backward, mouths spewing blood.

They couldn’t even cause Meng Hao to pause. He passed through their midst, continuing on toward the top of the mountain. It was at this time that ten beams of prismatic light flew out. Behind them were nearly a hundred people, a massive group, all heading straight for Meng Hao.

“You dare to charge into Wang Clan territory!? It doesn’t matter what Sect you’re from, we’re gonna bury you here today!”

“What’s the point of being so long winded, kill this guy!”

As the group of people approached, magical lights began to shine up. Even people far way would be able to see the shocking glow which filled the night sky.

Meng Hao’s expression was calm. He lifted his right hand, slicing his finger. He catalyzed the blood with the power of his Dao Pillar; everything turned red and began to rumble. It grew into something that looked like a massive Blood Dragon; a roar filled the air as it blasted forward directly into the charging Wang Clan Cultivators. Their faces filled with shock and blood sprayed from their mouths. They spun backward head over heels, seemingly completely out of control.

A path now led to the top of the mountain, a path carved out by the Blood Dragon. Amidst thunderous roars, Meng Hao advanced, and within the space of about ten breaths, stood at the peak of the mountain.

Behind him, the Chosen of the Wang Clan coughed up blood. During his entire way up the mountain, no one had been able to do anything to block Meng Hao’s way.

“The Faceless Azure Hero!” people cried amidst their gasps. The Wang Clansmen surrounded the mountain peak, all of them staring at Meng Hao.

In front of Meng Hao was a Cultivator wearing a black robe and a grim expression. He appeared to be about thirty years of age, and his eyes shone with a profound gleam as he looked at Meng Hao. This was none other than Wang Lihai, Dao Child of the Wang Clan.

His Cultivation base was halfway to Core Formation. His presence made it seem as if there were another mountain peak on his mountain.

“Sir, I have come here today to fight the Wang Clan Dao Child!” said Meng Hao. His cool voice rang out in a tone that could sever nails and slice iron.

“You want to fight? Then let’s fight!” Wang Lihai’s eyes glittered, and he took a step forward, lifting his hand at the same time. Behind him, an image appeared that seemed to contain both a sea of stars and the yellow springs of the underworld. Three finger attacks shot toward Meng Hao.

The first finger seemed capable of transforming life into death. The second embodied killing intent that seemed to stem from the yellow springs. The third contained the silence of extermination, making the world seem empty.

These three finger attacks were a magical technique of the Wang Clan, the Vermillion Bird Three Fingers.

Wang Lihai was well aware that this Faceless Azure Hero was unfathomable. Therefore, he attacked him without the slightest bit of contempt, and led with his most powerful magical technique.

Meng Hao’s eyes glowed brightly. He strode forward, also lifting up his right hand, immediately attacking with one of the three Blood Immortal techniques, the Blood Finger.

A boom rattled out, causing everything to rumble. At the same time, a massive wind sprang up as Meng Hao’s body turned into a beam of light that shot up into the air.

All eyes on the mountain peak were fixed on Wang Lihai. His expression was the same as ever as he watched Meng Hao disappear. After a long moment, he coughed up a mouthful of blood, and then staggered backward a few paces. His index finger was quivering, and was so swollen he couldn’t bend it.

“Defeated,” he murmured. The other Wang Clansmen heard the words, looks of astonishment covered their faces.

Wang Lihai wasn’t the only one to be defeated that night. Song Yunshu, Dao Child of the Song Clan, as well as the Dao Child of the Golden Frost Sect were also vanquished!

As Meng Hao flew away from the Song Clan airship, Song Yunshu leaned up against the wall, blood dripping down onto the ground. His face was pale as he stared at Meng Hao’s disappearing shadow. Eventually, a stubborn look appeared on his face.

Outside the valley occupied by the Golden Frost Sect, a shocking roar filled the dawn air. It echoed out all but once, and then the Golden Frost Sect Dao Child was defeated. He immediately went into secluded meditation. Only a few people witnessed the shocking battle.

The next day, the name of the Faceless Azure Hero swept across the western region of the Southern Domain. There was not a single person who hadn’t heard that he had defeated not only Chosen from the various Sects, but Solitary Sword Sect Dao Child Han Shandao, Wang Clan Dao Child Wang Lihai, Song Clan Dao Child Song Yunshu, and the Dao Child of the Golden Frost Sect!

In just a few days, the Faceless Azure Hero had risen to prominence in the western region of the Southern Domain.

In fact, some people had already taken him to be on par with Zhou Jie, Li Shiqi and Li Daoyi, who had all broken through to Core Formation.

Many people believed that the mysterious azure-robed man would continue to challenge more Dao Children, or perhaps even Li Shiqi and the others. Shockingly, however, after the three successive battles, he suddenly went into hiding.

At the moment, the illustrious azure-robed man was actually sitting cross-legged near the Dao Geyser, staring at the screen, and the figure on it, lost in thought.

After sensing the Qi in the Dao Projection, he had gone to fight the three battles in the night. However, fighting them did nothing. He had the feeling that if he was able to gain enlightenment regarding the Qi in the figure, then he would be able to create his ninth Dao Pillar.

Meng Hao didn’t know what the Qi was, but after the Dao Projection disappeared this time, he was able to sense that his own body… also had a similar strand of Qi within it.

After observing the screen and the figure, he was able to circulate the Qi strand. When evening fell, he once again stood up.

For two days, Meng Hao was unable to find an appropriate opponent. Li Daoyi, Zhou Jie and Li Shiqi had apparently all left the western region of the Southern Domain. Meng Hao couldn’t find them.

Eventually, he returned to the Dao Geyser to once again observe the screen. Eventually, he closed his eyes and began to mentally review his various victories over the Chosen and Dao Children.

Gradually, the images of the various opponents grew clearer in his mind, and he realized that they had a similar Qi strand within them. Within some, it was thick, others, thinner. But they existed in all of them.

Early on the second day, Meng Hao opened his eyes to glance about at the tens of thousands of people surrounding the Dao Geyser. After observing them for a while, he could tell that all of them had this mysterious Qi within them.

It seemed to appear within anyone who observed the Dao Geyser.

Meng Hao sat there thoughtfully for some time, his brow furrowed.

In the following half month, the reputation of the azure-robed man only continued to grow. Everyone spoke about him with fear. He seemed to have gone crazy! The instant he encountered a Cultivator of the late Foundation Establishment stage, he would instantly attack them, regardless of who they were or which Sect they belonged to.

The entire time, he never killed anyone. At the same time, no one was capable of making even two attacks against him. Everyone suffered complete defeat.

All of the Chosen from the Solitary Sword Sect who were present in the western region, were defeated. The same went for the Chosen of the Golden Frost Sect. As soon as anyone saw the azure-colored robe, their face would fill with fear. Regardless of whether it be Wang Clan, Li Clan or Song Clan, during this half month, everyone suffered defeat at the hands of the azure-robed man.

It was as if an azure-colored storm had descended upon the entirety of the western region of the Southern Domain.

Half a month later, the Dao Geyser was reaching its final moments. As of now, the screen had appeared, and wasn’t disappearing. According to the ancient records, this meant that the Dao Geyser would dry up and disappear in seven days.

More and more Cultivators sat cross-legged near the Dao Geyser, staring at the screen. It was at this exact same time that the challenges issued by the azure-robed man ceased.

Meng Hao once again sat cross-legged near the Dao Geyser, looking at the figure on the screen. His eyes were bright. During the half month, his every victory had caused the Qi strand to grow.

He was able to make the frequency of rotation of the Qi strand within his body match that of the figure on the screen.

Meng Hao then noticed that the Qi strand of the figure was rotating faster and faster, building up an attack momentum that seemed just on the verge of exploding out.

“This is a strand of battle Qi which can be cultivated after constantly winning successive battles. It can be used to break through a bottleneck, and increase the Cultivation base! This is the supposed ancient battle incantation.” He took a deep breath, then began to rotate the Qi strand within him. He was just a hair away from being able to create his ninth Dao Pillar, and yet, was unable to make that final charge.

Time passed. It was now the fifth day of the Dao Geyser’s final seven days of eruption. Suddenly, several beams of prismatic light appeared in the air.

The beams were filled with black-robed figures, all of whom wore masks. Shockingly, three of them wore azure-colored masks. Seven or eight wore white masks.

There were two, a man and a woman, who took the lead, and they wore gold-colored masks!

The dozen or so people whistled through air toward the Dao Geyser, immediately catching the attention of the tens of thousands of Cultivators below.

Immediately, some of the people recognized the black robes and the masks. “Black Lands Cultivators!”

Meng Hao also looked up. His gaze fell upon one of the azure-masked Cultivators, a skinny man who stood off to the side.

In that instant, Meng Hao’s eyes began to glow.


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