Chapter 266: The Faceless Azure Hero!

Chapter 266: The Faceless Azure Hero!

Seven days later, massive, figurative storm winds buffeted the Southern Domain. The hearts of each and every Southern Domain Cultivator in the western region was completely shaken.

All of this was because of one name.

The Faceless Azure Hero!

According to the rumors, he wore a long, azure-colored robe, and his face was nothing but a blur.

According to the rumors, he was only in the late Foundation Establishment stage, but his battle prowess was incredible, something rarely seen.

According to the rumors, whenever he attacked, he would only say one thing:


The rumors had begun to spread immediately after his first battle, seven days before. He had fought a Chosen of the Golden Frost Sect, who was of the great circle of late Foundation Establishment. They had met each other flying in mid air, and for no apparent reason, the words “fight” had been uttered, whereupon a boom filled the sky.

In an instant, the Golden Frost Sect Chosen was defeated. It happened in the blink of an eye, as if the man were dry weeds or rotten wood, just waiting to be crushed.

Many people saw the fight. It was incredibly shocking, but before they could even spread the news, they witnessed...

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